Motor Vehicle Accident Car vs. Building
By Ex-Chief Michael Wichtendahl
November 28, 2020

At 14:30 on November 28, 2020 the Nesconset Fire Department responded to a report of a Motor Vehicle Accident with a car into the building at 1000 Nesconset Highway. Upon arrival responding units found a car that entered the building from the adjacent parking lot. The building was assessed for damage and secondary hazards while the occupant of the vehicle was assessed for injuries. The Department operated under the command of Chief Anderson with Heavy Rescue 4-4-9, First Responder 4-4-80, Ambulance 4-4-6A, Engine 4-4-2 and Fire Police 4-4-10. All units were released from the scene at 15:00 with the matter referred to the Town Of Smithtown Department Fire Marshal’s Office and the Building Department.